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Preschool Receives 5-Star Rating from ODE


The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has just notified the Bedford City School District that the district's preschool program meets the program standards to retain its current Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) 5-star rating. This is the highest rating possible and was awarded to the district after a stringent SUTQ Annual Report review was completed for the program at Glendale Primary School.

What is Step Up to Quality?

The ODE requires that all publicly funded early learning and development programs participate in a tiered quality rating and improvement system to maintain funding. The model, known as Step Up to Quality (SUTQ), utilizes a star rating point system that corresponds to each level of achievement. A minimum of three stars is required to maintain funding, and a maximum of five stars is possible for exceptional programming. The overall SUTQ process is rigorous and programs are evaluated within the areas of learning and development, staff qualifications, administrative and leadership practices, and family/community partnerships.  

The high rating is largely based on the district’s provision of evidence-based instructional strategies within a language-enriched environment to assist every child in meeting his or her unique learning needs.  High-quality early learning experiences provide the basis for the brain’s development and directly impact the success of children in kindergarten and beyond.