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Oct-Nov Students of the Week & Month!

Our district’s PBIS team would like to acknowledged shine the light on the students and staff of the month! The following students were recognized for displaying many different pillars of R.O.A.R! Students were also given R.O.A.R signs to display their achievement! Keep up the great work bearcats. Every day so many of you do great things, so it could be you next month!

Students of the Month (Click Here for Pictures):


~ Alyssa Henriquez
~ Steven Barber
~ Austin Luke
~ Terrance Acoff
~ Kayla Butler
~ HenNary Miller
~ Lorah Biederman
~ Natalia Rivera Rivera
~ Tia Williams
~ Jaylen Speight
~ Stevie(Savannah) Horner
~ Taliyah Weaver
~ Cydney Harkness
~ Bryan Villanueva-Parra
~ Gabrielle Wallace
~ Joey Burda
~ Olivia Mosley


The PBIS team is back to recognize our students and staff for the month of October & November. The following students were nominated by their teachers for all their hard work and efforts. As always, continue to ROAR, because next time it could be you. Congrats to all those who were recognized!

~ Janiel Solano for achievement

~ Aydan Wagner for responsibility

~ Chris Browns-Rhodes for open-mindedness

~ Amaya Dykes for respect

~ Kenneth Greene for open-mindedness

~ Tierra Pope for achievement

~ Tamia Kizer for responsibility