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It's Official!

   The Bedford Board of Education unanimously approved Dr. Cassandra Johnson as the district's Superintendent at an Oct. 20 meeting.
   Dr. Johnson, who's been with the district for more than five years, had been serving as Interim Superintendent since February of this year.
   Dr. Johnson is the first African American appointed to lead the Bedford City School District.
   With their vote, board members expressed appreciation for the work Dr. Johnson and her team have done so far, saying they would continue to support those efforts.
   "We appreciate everything that you have done since February and this year," said Board President Eva Boyington. "The board loves the direction that you're taking the district in...We look forward to all of the great things that will be happening in our district. I can personally say that I love the new hires that are in place. I love the team that you have in place. I like the climate and the culture changes that I see in the district and just appreciate you and support you. The board of education supports you."