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New Bedford High Football Coach Named

BEDFORD — The Bedford Board of Education unanimously approved the selection of Zachary Toth as the new football coach of Bedford High School at its regular meeting on Thursday, April 7.

Toth, a Parma native who’s been teaching social studies at BHS for four years, has big plans.

Not only are my plans to win a lot of football games, I plan on helping our football players develop as student athletes and the very best possible version of themselves,” he said. “There is going to be a major emphasis on the school aspect of being an athlete, not just the football aspect.”

He believes that BHS Bearcat football players are role models for other students and in the community. He’ll continue to foster this belief as he leads by example by establishing school-community partnerships.

“In turn this will help the student athletes themselves get recruited and be better prepared for life after high school, as well as helping the district move forward towards progress,” Toth said. “On the football field, you will see a disciplined team that has truly formed a strong bond with one another and wins football games.”

He’s been the offensive coordinator of the football team for the past three seasons as well as the varsity assistant basketball coach for four years and the head softball coach for two years. He previously served as JV softball coach for two years. 

Khalisha Lewis, interim BHS principal, looks forward to Toth’s tenure as head coach.

“But as he said, it’s not just about football,” she said. “We want our students to excel in the classroom as well as on the field or court. Zach shares that commitment. He’s a talented educator who keeps students engaged.”

Toth is something of a coaching legacy, according to Mark Zofka, district athletic director.

“Zach comes from a solid coaching pedigree, as both his uncle and cousin have coached at the Division I college level, but most importantly, he has a genuine interest in the development of our student-athletes,” Zofka said.  “He will work extremely hard to prepare and promote our athletes.”

Toth is known for his skills on the mic as well as the field. His social studies raps both entertain and instruct his students. 

“Every year my students and I make a ‘Checks and Balances’ rap song, where we remix a famous song to incorporate the three branches of government and checks and balances,” he said. “We have a lot of fun doing so.”

It started when he was a student at Parma Senior High School. He and a friend, Matt Murphy, used to write educational raps for school projects and events. Murphy is also a teacher in another district and Toth credits him for helping to write and record the raps. 

As I became a teacher, I knew it was something I wanted to incorporate into the classroom in order to connect and relate to students,” he said.

Being named BHS’s head football coach is a dream fulfilled for him.

“My life was shaped by some of my high school football coaches who have had a lasting impact on me,” he said. “I always knew I wanted to do the same. Once I came to Bedford as a teacher, I truly felt like this was home.”

He knew Bedford was where he wanted to be a head coach.

“Our students, our staff and our community are exceptional and I am excited to help shed some positive light on our district and community,” Toth said. “As head coach, we will win more football games and make runs deep into the playoffs, like Bedford used to. Our players will be better prepared for life after high school. Our district and community will have a team that they can rally behind and truly feel connected to.”

Toth is grateful for the opportunity to serve as head coach and thanks Lewis, Zofka, Interim Superintendent Dr. Cassandra Johnson and school board members. He said he appreciates the faith they have in him.

Eva Boyington, school board president, congratulated Toth on his appointment.

“We look forward to a winning season,” she said. “Let's go Bearcats!”