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Glendale Preschool Makes a Promise for Black History Month

Glendale Primary's preschool is part of the Universal Pre-k Grant for Cuyahoga County. This grant provides programming for our preschool. For February, to honor and celebrate Black History and Black Culture, each preschooler received a copy of LeBron James's "I Promise" book. Members of Glendale's preschool community participated in reading pages from the book in the video linked here

Katy Burant, School Psychologist/Compliance Specialist, explained, "During the January PALS meeting (Parents are Lifesavers), the team which includes administration, parents, and preschool staff,members, talked about Black History month and books that could be purchased that celebrate black culture. The team decided on "I Promise" by LeBron James along with one other book (Hair Love or Bippity Bop Barbershop) and each child was sent home with the two books during the month of February. The families also received a paper that encouraged them to make a family promise to make our community better. The final part of the project was to record the entire book being read, by members of the preschool community. The children were excited to see the variety of individuals reading the book, but most especially seeing their fellow preschoolers read to them. Having the book ahead of time allowed the children to become familiar with it in their home and in the school. We may have just started a new tradition in preschool with the 'community read'!"