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Community Resource Room Opens at BHS

In times of hardship caused by the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, it is imperative that we come together to serve and help one another. To that end, The Bedford City School District has set up a Community Resource Room at Bedford High School, which is stocked with supplies that families may need to help get through this difficult time.

The district is grateful for its partnership with the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), who have generously donated a washer and dryer, clothes, shoes, school supplies, and toiletries to assist families in our community. These donations are now housed in the Community Resource Room.

In addition, we received CARES Act funds this year, through a grant from the Cuyahoga County Educational Service Center (ESC), earmarked to assist families in our community who are in need due to the pandemic. With the funds from this grant, we were able to buy many other supplies for the resource room, such as canned foods, toiletries, breakfast items, laundry detergent, and additional clothes, shoes, and school supplies.  These funds also enabled us to help out more than 50 families over the holidays with deliveries of food, toilet paper, paper towels, antibacterial wipes, toiletries, clothes, shoes and gift cards to Target, Giant Eagle, Sam’s Club and Walmart.

Currently the district social workers will oversee this room to distribute supplies to our families. Should you find yourself in need of supplies or know of a family in the district who has a need, please do not hesitate to contact any of our schools and ask for the school social worker.