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BCSD Facilities Project

BCSD's "Building a Brighter Future" Committee Gets to Work
    BEDFORD — Parents, community and business leaders, elected officials, teachers and staff, school administrators and members of the general public met Oct. 5 to begin their work as the BCSD Facilities Project Committee.
   During this process, the committee will hear from architects, experts, and district officials about the district's facilities. This review will include existing conditions, educational needs, and future options. The committee will ultimately make recommendations to the Bedford Board of Education regarding a plan to address the district's aging  buildings which are expensive to maintain.
The Bedford City School District revived the Facilities Project Committee earlier this year to ensure our district has adequate facilities.
The district expects to ask voters to approve a bond issue likely in 2023 to finance a portion of the costs. The district is working with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission. If the district moves forward within OFCC requirements, the state would cover 22% of the project cost.
   Superintendent Dr. Cassandra Johnson stressed that students, families and the community have watched new schools be built in surrounding communities and seen those districts reap the benefits.
   "It's our turn now," she said. "Our students and our community deserve state-of-the-art facilities. Our time is now."