James Meyer, Director of Information Technology


Information Technology

  • The Bedford City Schools Technology Department is responsible for the ordering, inventory, installation, repair, and maintenance of all technology for both students and staff. This includes teacher laptops and staff desktop and laptop units, interactive white board systems, computer labs, iOS devices (including iPads and iPods), doument cameras (Elmos), chromebox units, chromebook carts, netbooks, and a host of other devices used daily by students and staff.
    In addition, the department has overall responsibilty for managing and monitoring the district's computer network, telephone system, website, the school district's public access TV channel (Time Warner Cable Channel #22), the SchoolMessenger automated phone calling/email system and an internal Help Desk for staff to report technology problems.
    The department also has over-arching responsibility for technology reimbursements through the Federal E-rate program.  Over the years, the school district has applied for and received several hundred thousand dollars in E-rate reimbursements for dark fiber, Internet access charges, telephone services (including land lines and cell phones), switches, routers, wireless access points and other equipment covered under this program.
    The Department can be reached at 440-786-3566 or 440-439-4374.