Curriculum & Instruction: Resources

Academic Achievement

  • The Department of Academic Achievement is responsible for the PreK- 12 curriculum, classroom instruction, and professional development.

    The department develops, implements, monitors, and supports all classroom instructional initiatives.

    Curriculum & lnstructlon Mlsslon:

    • We are committed to ensuring that all students find academic success in our schools through a curriculum that is standards-aligned, evidence-based, accessible and high quality.

    Curriculum & lnstructlon Vision:

    • Our vision, through a responsive curriculum, is that each student will learn, grow and become an educated, responsible citizen. 

    Curriculum & Instruction Belief Statements:

    We believe in... 

    • being committed to the work of eliminating inequities by providing a safe, supportive learning environment
    • maintaining high expectations for students
    • fostering each child's full potential by providing support for the social-emotional and academic needs of our students
    • embracing diversity by striving for representation in our programming that proportionately reflects our district's student population
    • fostering strong and respectful relationships and partnerships with families and communities
    • developing academic excellence by universally designing, proactively planning and flexibly delivering a variety of rich experiences for our students
    • promoting respect as a right and a responsibility

    Our priorities include: 

    • A district-wide focus on student achievement, especially in reading and math
    • An emphasis on high quality instruction
    • District-wide use of data for informed decision-making
    • High quality professional development

    Department responsibilities include:

    • Oversight at Pre-K - 12 instructional programming
    • Review and selection of textbook and supplemental resources
    • Professional Development for staff and administrators
    • Monitoring of continuous student achievement and progress
    • Integration of instructional technology
    • Development and oversight of extended day and school year services
    • Development of K-12 Graded Courses of Study (reviewed every 5 years)
    • Implementation of classroom instructional initiatives
    • Supervision of comprehension career and technical offerings, including industry credentialing pathways

    We focus on research and evidence-based practices in instruction, curriculum development, student assessment and professional development.

    The Bedford City Schools offer a wide range of programs and services to meet the needs, interests and skill levels of its diverse student population. Our comprehensive education program offers student learning experiences in the core areas of English/language arts, math, science, and social studies in grades PreK-12, as well as a robust choice of electives. We are committed to providing our students with quality instruction focused on academic progress and achievement. We are also committed to enhancing our students’ social-emotional well-being.

    Helping students to acquire a strong foundation for the learning process is a major focus in the primary grades (PreK-3) where we focus on the development of basic skills in reading and math. Learning to read and compute is at the core of our instruction. At the intermediate level (grades 4-6), our educators work to delve more deeply into the core areas of reading comprehension and math problem-solving skills, as well as a more focused emphasis on reading to learn in science and social studies. In addition, students who are identified as gifted receive subject acceleration services in reading and math beginning in grade four. Students in all grades K-6 also receive weekly instruction in art, music, physical education, and technology.

    The middle school experience (grades 7-8) provides expanded opportunities in math, science, social studies, and English. Students also have the option to continue their study of the fine arts, health and physical education, technology, career exploration, business education, world language, and STEM electives. In addition, advanced students may earn high school credits in math, English, business, and world language.

    Bedford High School (grades 9-12) offers about 180 courses that meet a wide range of student interests and skill levels. In addition to our courses in the core areas, we also offer honors, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus options, where students may be able to earn college credits via their high school experience. We offer a multitude of electives for students in the fine arts, world language and health and physical education areas. Our comprehensive high school experience also offers career and technical opportunities to our students through a consortium agreement with four area high schools. Should students choose, they can opt to take courses within 12 career fields through 22 different programs. This option affords students the opportunity to also earn college credit, as well to receive industry credentials related to their various areas of study. Additionally, the high school houses an alternative education program, COMPASS Academy, which enables students who are not successful in the traditional day-school setting to earn their high school credits in a blended- learning setting. COMPASS Academy offers both day school and evening hours to accommodate student scheduling needs.