• Supt. Celico

     As I have mentioned before in my messages, these are busy and exciting times, as we have the opportunity to work together to shape the future of the Bedford City School District in the months and years ahead.

     The Bedford Board of Education has voted to demolish the former Chanel High School building.  This decision did not come easily, as the Board took a great deal of time to explore all of the options available to them. In the end, this decision made the most financial sense. Additionally, it is going to make 33 acres available for our students to potentially be able to attend school in a gorgeous campus setting in the years to come.  

     While we are still years away from our dream of breaking ground, as many steps need to be taken first, the enthusiasm needs to start now!  Beginning this fall, we will be holding community focus groups related to the new buildings.  All community members are highly  encouraged to attend. As a reminder, the strategic plan sub-committee for Goal area 3 created several visions (options) for the communities to explore.  We will announce these meeting dates soon and they will be listed on our website.

     In the BCSD, we have a clear mission and vision for our students.  Our vision is that all students graduate as open minded, responsible citizens.  Our mission and our job as educators is to inspire everyone, every day to achieve excellence. I have never been more encouraged by the  staff members we now have leading this charge and touching the lives of our students.  We believe in our students and know they can achieve success in our schools!

     While creating a new mission statement, vision statement, and core values is a great start, a number of our staff members have been working extremely hard on equity in our instructional practices for our students, as well as addressing their social-emotional needs.  Our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Committee has been busy working throughout the year on districtwide behavioral definitions and expectations, as well as lesson plans for teaching behaviors to students.  The district will ROAR into the 2019-2020 school year using a matrix which defines the expectations for Respectful, Open-Minded, Achieving, Responsible (ROAR) students.  Each school will support this districtwide initiative using engaging lessons, incentives, and restorative practices.

     Please stay connected and be involved with YOUR school district!  We continue to value the support from and partnerships with our communities.