• Supt. Celico

    Greetings and Happy 2022!

    Sadly, we’re starting 2022 in a way similar to how we started 2021: wrestling with the continued obstacles of Covid. I had hoped we would have moved on to better and brighter things. Obviously, the virus had other plans.

    The good news is we’re getting better at managing it. It’s absolutely a last resort to close classes or a school, but it may still be necessary due to staff illness. More than a year in though, we’re all more skilled at navigating remote learning and instruction. It’s no longer uncharted territory.

    We all know children learn best and teachers do their best work when they’re together in a classroom. Relationships are so important between students and educators and those form and flourish through face-to-face interaction.

    In the meantime, students and staff are settling in with the security improvements implemented at Bedford High and Heskett Middle schools in recent weeks. Metal detectors, changes to student arrival and dismissal procedures, and more security cameras provide not only better security but also peace of mind. We’ve also made aesthetic improvements at the high school to make it a more attractive, warm, and welcoming place. Banners bearing the school logo and our district’s green and white greet our young people when they arrive each day.

    We have been challenged with the behaviors of some of our students, which is why we are committed to emphasizing social-emotional learning to help students to cope and make good decisions. 

    As always, thank you for your ongoing support, patience and understanding as we continue to face these challenges together.



    Superintendent Celico