Registration and Enrollment Requirements

  • Click here to Pre-Register for K-12 (*Pre-Registration is ONLY for K-12, please call for preschool registration)

     A student may not be registered until all documentation has been submitted. Please bring them to your appointment. 

    1. All parents/guardians will need a Notarized Residency Affidavit and documents from all of the following areas:
    2. Proof of child's age- one (1) of the following documents:
      • Original or Certified copy of birth record. (with an official raised seal)
      • Previously verified sealed school records that include birth certificate. (Please do not open the envelope)
    3. Medical Information
      • Immunization status - one (1) of the following documents:
        • Official state immunization form.
        • Written statement by a physician stating that the physical condition of the child warrants medical exemption from vaccinations.
        • A written statement signed by parent/guardian that the child's religious denomination opposes tests and inoculations.
      • Physical Form (Kindergarten entrance and for participation in Sports)
    1. Proofs of residency 
      • Category A (If you are a Homeowner) - one (1) of the following AND your most current utility bill
        • Deed indicating ownership of property within the school district
        • Mortgage statement that provides property description
        • Settlement sheet that provides property description, and/or a property tax bill
      • Category B (If you are Renting) - BOTH of the following
        • Lease (*We verify all leases with the City Building Department)
        • Most current utility bill
      • Category C (If you are a Parent/Guardian living with another resident) -  ALL of the following AND one (1) piece of business mail for the enrolling parent/guardian:
        • Notarized Owner/Tenant Affidavit completed by homeowner or leaseholder  
          • ​Current mortgage statement or lease from the homeowner or leaseholder
          • Most current utility bill from the homeowner or leaseholder
        • Documentation from your City Building Department
          • ​Certificate of residence or Occupancy Permit (Call your city Building Department for the correct form)
    1. Parent/Guardian Identification
      • Drivers License
      • State ID
      • Social Worker ID

    The Following documents are also required at your registration appointment:

    1. Completion of the school district's Pre- Registration Student Form.
    2. Picture identification.
    3. Individualized Education Program (IEP)/Evaluation Report (ER)
    4. Withdrawal letter
    5. Custody papers. A copy of the court order or custody agreement IS REQUIRED to be provided if the parents are separated or divorced and the enrolling parent is relying on the order or agreement as the basis for enrolling the child.
    6. Transcripts/Report card

    Custody/Guardianship (provide appropriate certified court journal entry )

    • Divorce decree & shared parenting plan;
    • Guardianship;
    • Court Placement

    School staff may ask for any of the following information, in addition to the required documentation, but will not require it as a condition of registration and will not delay a student's registration or attendance until such document(s) is/are provided.

    1. Health or physical examination records.
    2. Academic records.
    3. Attendance records.
    4. Special Education records.