BOE Meeting Live Stream Feed

  • Previously live-streamed board meetings are available by request. Please contact the treasurer's office for access.


    Click here to watch BOE meeting

    The Board of Education will be held in person and virtually.  There are three options available to allow you to listen to the meeting: 

    If you wish to speak during the Audience Participation portion of the agenda follow the instructions below: 

    1. Fill out our green audience participation card in the board office.
    2. Fill out our online audience participation card at:
    3. During the audience participation portion of the board meeting, you will be called at the number provided and patched into the meeting. Please be available at the provided number between 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM on the date of the board meeting.

    Upon request to the Treasurer, the District shall make reasonable accommodation for special needs people to be able to participate in this activity R.C.3313.16.

    Bill Parkinson

    Cc: Board of Education
    Dr. Andrea Celico, Superintendent
    Dr. Cassandra Johnson, Asst. Superintendent