While many schools send students outside the district for Career and Technical Education,
    Bedford High School has many of its own programs on campus.
    This arrangement provides opportunities for more students to take advantage of
    Career and Technical Education programs as part of their elective course options.
    College credit may also be earned through most of our career tech courses.

    Taught by instructors who make the student their number-one concern,
    students explore high-tech, hands-on learning.
    They gain the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the
    workforce, military, or higher education, and, in general,
    prepare to function in a high-tech, high-demand world.

    Through the various Career and Technical student organizations,
    students gain valuable leadership skills and
    participate in local, regional, state, and national competitions. 

    Program Descriptions

    Through a mutual agreement, with 4 area districts
    (Maple Heights, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights-University Heights, and Warrensville Heights),
    the districts share additional programs.
    Bedford students have the opportunity to enroll in up to 23 unique pathways.

    Please visit the 
    Consortium Website for more info!

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