Career & Technical Education

  • While many schools send students outside the district for Career and Technical Education, Bedford High School has many of its own programs on campus. This arrangement provides opportunities for more students to take advantage of Career and Technical Education programs as part of their elective course options. College credit may also be earned through most of our career tech courses. 

    Taught by instructors who make the student their number-one concern, students explore high-tech, hands-on learning. They gain the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the workforce, military, or higher education, and, in general, prepare to function in a high-tech, high demand world. Through the various Career and Technical student organizations, students gain valuable leadership skills and participate in local, regional, state, and national competitions. 

    Here is an overview of the Career and Technical Education programs at Bedford High School.

    • Automotive Technology 
      This program offers opportunities for students to learn automotive systems diagnosis, maintenance, and repair using computerized test devices and equipment. Upon successful completion of this program, students may directly enter the workplace using the skills they have mastered in service stations, dealerships, auto parts stores, and mechanics shops. They may also continue their education at a trade or technical school. Apprenticeships and supervised early job placement programs are options in the second semester of the senior year. Qualified students may also test for the industry-recognized ASE Certification.

    • Biotechnology
      Biotechnology is a science that studies the biological make-up of organisms. Students in this program will study the molecular, biologic, genetic, and immulogic make-up of cells. DNA methodology is introduced. Students interested in this program should have a strong science background. Post-secondary instruction is necessary for employment in this field.

    • Health Sciences, Pre-nursing
      The Health Sciences, Pre-nursing program prepares students for careers in the nursing profession. Training includes nursing, medical assistant and patient care areas. After completion of the program, students will earn Patient Care Technician (PCT) certification, and with continued training in a post-secondary institution, the opportunity to earn Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) certification. Students enrolled in this program have the opportunity to earn their STNA as well as, Home Health Aide certification. 

    • Business Management
      This program provides students with an introduction into the latest computer applications for business. Students learn Microsoft Word®, Access®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® programs. They work in an office setting that simulates daily business situations. Students also become familiar with the day-to-day office environment and build proficiency in correspondence preparation, schedule management, data entry, document preparation, records management, and related duties.
    • Financial Management
      This program provides students with the necessary skills to analyze data, turn data into information for decision-making, and share forecasting information with management. Concentration includes the areas of accounting, investment banking, money management, financial planning, insurance, real estate, and risk management. Students work in an office setting while they prepare for entry-level business opportunities.

    • Marketing Education 
      Marketing Education is designed to meet the needs of students who desire to enter careers such as advertising and promotion, banking and finance, communications, fashion merchandising, hospitality management, retailing, small business management, and wholesaling. Students may continue their studies at a college, university, or technical school after graduation, or enter the workforce directly.

    • Digital Media
      This program focuses on digital design and allows students to practice image generation, digital animation, and television/fim production. Students also learn about interactive app development via student designed video games. 

    Through a mutual agreement, with 4 area districts ( Maple Heights, Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights-University Heights, and Warrensville Heights) the districts share additional programs. Bedford students have the opportunity to enroll in up to 23 unique pathways. Please visit the Consortium Website for more info!