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Sharyn Macklin

  •      Mrs. Sharyn Macklin was elected to the Board in 2021 and began her service as a board member in January 2022. A lifelong Oakwood resident, Mrs. Macklin has deep roots in the Bedford City School District.
         Mrs. Sharyn, the name everyone knows her by, is no stranger to the Bedford City School District. Not only did she graduate from the high school, she has also been a longtime volunteer with the district. Not to mention, she was a Bedford school bus driver for 10 years and a security officer/custodian for 27 years.
         Mrs. Macklin has always been about the students! Her passion for the students has been felt over several generations in the halls of the high school and on the bus. In October 2019, she was featured on the local news and even Good Morning America for saving a then fifth-grader from being hit by a car who did not obey the bus stop sign. This is just one example of many of how Mrs. Sharyn always puts the students first.
         Mrs. Sharyn loves her community, which is why she ran for the Board. During her time on the Board, she will focus on curriculum, graduation rate, increasing enrollment, and supporting alumni.