Federal Programs

  • FEDERAL PROGRAMS - Student Services

    The Department of Student Services oversees a variety of instructional programs through the delivery of specialized services. These services include student registration, student attendance, and accounting, student records including custody, health services, programs for gifted students and those on 504 plans, and matters related to student discipline. The staff also oversees the administration of federal grants and programs, such as Title 1, Title IX, and oversight of some district grants. 

    Questions regarding student records, attendance, registration, discipline, pupil placement, school boundaries, intra-district transfers, home-based instruction for health reasons, health services, and requirements, and related programs may be directed to this department at 440-439-4363.

    The Department of Special Education is a federal program that oversees all issues related to students with disabilities in accordance with IDEA. Additional information regarding the department of special education can be found here.


    FEDERAL PROGRAMS - Special Education

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) ensures that services to students with disabilities are properly allocated and that it assists in providing educational services, resources and supports for students with disabilities.  Up to 15% of IDEA special education funds are also used to support early intervening services for low achieving and at-risk students. 

    School-aged students (3 through 21 years of age) with disabilities are eligible to receive special education and related services under IDEA Part B. IDEA does not fully fund special education programs and services, instead the funds are used to pay the excess costs to provide FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) to students with disabilities.  

    Parents/guardians are encouraged to complete the survey below to provide information about their child’s access to special education services, the quality of the services received, and to provide input on how IDEA Part B funds should be used for students with disabilities.

    Bedford City School District Parent Survey

    • Your answers to the following questions will assist the district in helping parents of students with disabilities to be involved in their children's special education programs.
    • Your responses are important and remain confidential.  Some questions will apply to the school district; others to the school your child attends.
    • Thank you for your participation.