• Supt. Celico Greetings,

    It is really hard to say “welcome back” knowing that our students and families won't be returning to our schools this Fall, but this is our new reality; so unfortunately, it will be even longer before we can be together.  Normally I would be welcoming you back and talking about how fast summer went, but frankly, if it wasn’t for the sun tan, I’m not sure I would have even thought there was a summer.  Days start to blend together and it seems like the work never ends.  But… there will be normalcy again and there will be a day when we can come together and replace our elbow bumps with hugs.  We will just have to continue to be patient as we wait until that day arrives.

    Our staff has been working very hard to prepare for a virtual world of learning. We will hold numerous professional development sessions for not only staff, but parents too! In addition, we will ensure that NO child goes without a computer, internet, or food. Parents, please be sure to communicate your needs to your child's teacher or principal.

    All the information you need can be found on our website and various social media outlets. Please continue to stay connected with your child's school, and if you haven't done so yet, please update your contact information in the Back-to-School Gateway portal at Returning Students Back-to-School.  I, along with our administrative team and staff, will work creatively to find ways to bring us together. Until then, be safe and stay healthy. Thinking of you....