7/22/2020 | Superintendent Andrea Celico Message to Parents

  • We need to gather some critical information from our parents and guardians now, in order to finalize our comprehensive plan for the opening of schools this fall. We have compiled a survey, which you can find in the corresponding email, text message and on the website homepage under the Parents dropdown menu. We will share this comprehensive return-to-school plan in the weeks to come, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of all parents and guardians completing this survey, as the data collected from it is crucial for proper staffing and other detailed planning. There is more information about the two learning options being offered (hybrid or virtual) in the email I am sending in conjunction with this phone call.

    Our focus is to ensure our students, staff, families and facilities are fully prepared for our return to school.  While our goal is to provide as many in-person learning and teaching opportunities as possible, we must do so with safety in mind. Therefore, we are continuing to monitor the local health information for Cuyahoga County and the state of Ohio. We will analyze all of our parent survey data; and this data, along with the public health information,  will guide our final planning. We are planning to open schools using a hybrid learning model or full online option for parents. We are also planning a totally virtual learning option for all students in the event that we would need to begin school totally virtually or in the event that we have to change to a virtual program at any point in the school year. I recommend that parents and guardians begin preparing for both options.

    We remain committed to providing our staff, students, and parents with the necessary materials and supports needed for a safe reopening. We are equally committed to ensuring you have the information needed to have confidence in our reopening plans.  Again, you can expect to receive our plan in the next couple of weeks.  As always, we will continue to keep you informed as things change and evolve.  

    Additional, detailed information can be found below along with the link to the survey.


Virtual Program/Hybrid Learning

  • In order to be responsive to the feedback that we have received from our families, it is imperative for us to offer two options for instruction K-12 when we return to school in the Fall. Families will be able to select from the following two options at this time:

    1. Virtual Program:

    We will offer a Virtual Program for grades K-12. Students will be learning from home with this option and will not be required to come to a school building. The Virtual Program in grades K-12 will be overseen by Bedford teaching staff.  An online curriculum and platform, designed by a company that specializes in virtual learning, will be purchased that will provide content, activities and assessments on a daily basis in grades 4-12.  Our teachers will be holding daily virtual sessions to help students while they navigate through the virtual platform to provide continuous assistance, support and feedback, and to also grade student work in real time.  Virtual “real time” assistance will occur daily as either a whole class, in small group or through individually scheduled meetings.  These daily sessions will also allow students to make connections with one another.  Virtual students will be responsible for daily attendance at these sessions as well as for daily completion of assignments through the online curriculum platform.  In grades K-3, based upon the results of this declaration and the developmental needs of these very young students, curriculum will either be delivered via the above described framework or curriculum will be designed and delivered virtually, by our teachers, using district curriculum resources.  Students with special needs K-12 will have the support of both an intervention specialist as well as the academic classroom teacher with appropriate modifications and accommodations being provided according to the IEP.

    The online curriculum will meet the same standards as our Bedford City Schools curriculum as well as the Ohio Department of Education and can be modified. Grades K-8 students will have full access to the four core areas of instruction (English-Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science) and limited access to electives. In grades 9-12, students will have full access to core courses required for graduation as well as limited access to other electives.  At the secondary level, counselors will work with students on their online course selections.  

    1. Hybrid Learning:

     The Hybrid Learning model K-12 will allow students to attend school in person two days each week and access learning virtually the remaining three days.  Hybrid Learning will be led by Bedford teaching staff using district curriculum and resources.  On the “at school” days, teachers will provide direct instruction to students on essential learning across the core subjects (grades K-6) and/or courses the students selected in the Spring 2020 (grades 7-12) as well as provide feedback and support in large group, small group or on an individual basis.   On days that students are working from home, learning will include a combination of required virtual check-in sessions with teachers, as well as independent work on assignments, projects, and assessments delivered via Google Classroom (4-12) and SeeSaw (PK-3)  using district curriculum resources.  The at-home learning will consist of application of “at school” learning through extended practice, project-based activities and/or performance-based assessments.  

    Some exceptions to these above options are as follows:

    For our preschoolers, there will be no options.  Our Preschool students will report Monday through Friday for a full day of school in classrooms serving no more than nine students.  Preschool receiving special education services will report either Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday for two full day sessions.

    Our students being educated in a special education classroom for severe social emotional or multiple disability will be educated on campus four full days each week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) if the parent does not opt for a full virtual option.

    Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) students will currently take part in the hybrid model, but more information will be released soon.

    All options will be free of charge to parents. All students will be provided with the necessary technology and internet accessibility if requested. By checking below you are committing to the entire semester.  Please use the following link to complete this important survey.