Bedford City School District’s motto for the 2011-2012 school year is: “Making a Difference, One Student at a Time.” The results of the 2010-11 Ohio Department of Education’s Report Card, released to the public August 24, will be a key instrument in helping the district to make that difference. The data from the report card will be used to determine which particular academic areas to focus on, at which grade levels, and with which particular student groups. “We remain committed to helping all of our students achieve academically,” said Superintendent Sherman C. Micsak.  “Of course, every district would like to have an Excellent rating on the Report Card, and it is something we strive for every year here at Bedford. Our mission is to educate all students to their full potential. Our goal is to be able to reach each and every one of our students, and to make sure that we are making a difference in every student so they can each improve every year and achieve academically.”

Glendale and Central Primary Schools both achieved Excellent rankings on the Report Card for the second year in a row. Carylwood, Columbus, Heskett, and Bedford High School retained their “Continuous Improvement” rankings as did the Bedford District as a whole.

Ohio’s report card system includes four measures of performance:

1. State Indicators (previously referred to as “standards”)— There were 26 Indicators in 2010-11 which incorporated test scores from Grades 3 through 8 Achievement Tests, Grades 10 and 11 Ohio Graduation Tests, Attendance Rate and Graduation Rate.  In the State Indicators Performance Measure, Bedford High School met three new test indicators in 10th grade reading, 10th grade math and attendance rate. The district improved its scores in 17 of the 26 indicators, and gained two indicators from the previous year, meeting 11 of the 26 Indicators. They are: Attendance; 3rd Grade Reading; 3rd Grade Math; 4th Grade Reading; 6th Grade Reading; 8th Grade Reading; 10th Grade Reading; 10th Grade Writing; 10th Grade Math; 11th Grade Reading; and 11th Grade Writing.

2. Performance Index— This measure reflects the achievement of every student tested who were enrolled for the full academic year. In addition to gaining state indicators, the district also improved its Performance Index from the previous year’s report card. The district’s performance index score was 87 in 2010-11, up from 86.8 in 2009-10, which was up from 85.3 in 2008-09.  This indicates a positive district achievement trend.

3. AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)—This measure reflects the participation rate and proficiency rate of all STUDENT GROUPS in reading and math in grades 3-8 and 10; plus attendance and graduation rate.

Bedford is evaluated in 26 subgroups, and met AYP in 24 of the 26. AYP was not met for students with disabilities in either reading or math, so the school district as a whole did not make AYP. However, Heskett Middle School and Columbus Intermediate School both excelled in this measure and met every one of the 26 subgroups, meeting AYP.  Carylwood missed AYP by only a couple of students in the area of math proficiency in students with disabilities.  

      4. Value-Added—This rating represents the progress a district has made with its students since last school year. (In contrast, achievement scores represent students’ performance at a point in time.) A score of “Above” indicates greater than one year of progress has been achieved; “Met” indicates one year of progress has been achieved; and “Below” indicates less than one year of progress has been achieved. Bedford Schools MET the Value-Added Measure, which is an important indicator of student progress district-wide. Grade 6 Reading and Math scored “Above” in this measure, indicating that greater than one year’s progress was achieved in the 6th grade.

     “All in all, I think we made some pretty significant strides in the report card ratings and I am very proud of how hard our staff has worked to achieve these gains,” said Superintendent Micsak. “Just for a moment, we are allowing ourselves to celebrate our successes! But as the new school year takes off, we are moving forward and working even harder to make that difference for our students, ensuring they will all excel academically.”

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