Department Overview
Phone:  440-439-4234
School bus operators in Bedford Schools’ Department of Transportation travel approximately 3,950 miles daily while transporting about 3,100 students safely to and from school. These figures do not include transporting students to and from extra-curricular activities.

The Department of Transportation includes about 70 school bus operators, 14 school bus attendants, four mechanics, one secretary, one assistant supervisor, and one supervisor. Bedford School’s fleet includes 64 buses. A 71-passenger bus costs approximately $68,000 and is purchased by the school district. The fleet also has two 84-passenger transits. Buses for students with disabilities are partially funded by the Ohio Department of Education. Their cost varies according to the kind of equipment with which they are outfitted. The district’s bus fleet consumes approximately 117,821 gallons of diesel fuel during a typical school year. Buses are considered for replacement when their mileage exceeds 215,000 miles.

Tips for Parents

  • Please have students ready to board at their designated bus stop when the school bus arrives. Students should be at their assigned bus stop about five minutes prior to the bus’s arrival. Copies of the bus schedule are available in the Your Schools Back-to-School issue for August 2004.
  • Please remind your child to practice safe riding habits:
    • When riding on the bus, observe the same conduct as you would in the classroom.
      1. Be courteous – do not use profane language.
      2. Do not eat, drink, or smoke on the bus.
      3. Keep the bus clean.
      4. Cooperate with the driver – do not distract the driver, especially when the bus is in motion or crossing railroad tracks.
    • Stay in your seat. Remember the safe riding rule: “back to back, seat on seat, and feet on floor”.
    • Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus at all times.
    • Remove all coat strings, book bag straps, keychains and other loose ties that can get caught when boarding and exiting the bus.
    • Do not carry glass objects, animals, or oversized packages on the bus.
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